Uttarakhand: Lost 8th century Kutumbari Temple in Almora found again

There was once an 8th century Kutumbari temple, nestled on the verdant hills at Dwarahat in Almora district

If reports are to go by, the ruins of the temple were found by the ASI in 2000.

Over time, the temple became part of the courtyards, verandahs, and even doors of the local people

If we go by the survey that was conducted by the Dehradun circle of the ASI

In January this year, ASI finally announced that it disappeared and included it in a list of 50 lost monuments across India.

Reportedly, the villagers have repurposed the temple's architectural components to build their homes.

ASI's superintendent archaeologist Manoj Kumar Saxena further added that the temple came under ASI's protection on March 26, 1915

In the next survey in 1964, there was very little physical evidence of the temple on the ground.

There is compound with 3-4 old badrinath group of temples of katyuri kings of 11th century

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