Singapore | Facts, Geography, History, & Points of Interest

Eastern part of the island is a low plateau cut by erosion into an intricate pattern of hills and valleys. 

The land

The seasons are defined by the relative incidence of rainfall, which, in turn, is determined by the movements of the monsoon air masses.


Little remains of the original vegetation or animal life, except for a few thousand acres of evergreen rain forest preserved around catchment areas. 

Plant and animal life

The population of Singapore is diverse, the result of considerable past immigration. Chinese predominate, making up some three-fourths of the total. 

The people of Singapore

Virtually all Malays, and some Indians, adhere to Islam, which is the formal religion of about one-seventh of the population.


Singapore has a high population density, but it also has been a regional leader in population control.

Demographic trends

Singapore, one of the great trading entrepôts of the British empire, has experienced remarkable economic growth and diversification since 1960.

The economy


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