European Countries You Should Avoid Travelling To This Summer

The Worry

Europe is facing a server heatwave due to the high-pressure "anticyclone" in north Africa. it is best to rethink travelling to the countries which have issued red alerts due to the extreme heat.


Fires have been raging across, Greece causing forest destruction on rhodes. The greece meterological services had forecasted a second heatwave warning with temperature exceeding 40c-44c


Southern france witnessed a record of temperature of 29.5c in the alpind ski resort of alpe d'huez, while 40.6c was recorded for the first time in verdun in the foothills of the pyrenees


Red alerts have been issued for 23 out of italy's 27 argest cities.italian hospitals are hit hard by the surge in heat-related emergencies. rome experienced a sweltering 42-43c.


The germany government has warned vulnerable groups such as the elderly, and pregnant women to seek out cool places as temperature have risen to 35c.


Parts of spain have recorded temperature as high as 45c. around 4000 people are evaculated from their homes in la palma. canary island due to forest fires

Where to travel?

You can consider travelling to the nordic countries.

How long will the heatwave last?

The heatwave is expected to last for at least another week, through the end of july