Are you looking for a multiple-entry visa to Europe? This Schengen country is your best option.

According to the 2022 Schengen Visa India Statistics for Schengen Countries report, over 90% of the visas issued by the German consulates

1,043,297 visas were issued, including 817,307 visas issued by Germany, 740,356 multiple-entry visas. Germany does not only have the highest rate of visa issuance

Only 39.3% of multiple-entry visas were issued by Spain, while 40% were issued by France.

the most Schengen visa india applications was France, receiving almost two million applications in 2022. 

Germany, Slovakia, and Estonia were not the only countries with a high share of MEVs: Austria – 74.9% of 125,275 Italy – 73.8% of 629,223 Finland – 72.3% of 142,302

The countries that issued the fewest MEVs in 2022 were: Iceland – 5.8% Norway – 33.6% Sweden – 33.6%

According to data from 2022, Germany rejected 16.2 percent of the applications it received. In contrast, rejection rates for all other European countries averaged 17.9%.


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