Bulandshahr’s 500-yr-old banyan tree crowned as the oldest banyan tree in the world!

Scientists have discovered that there’s a banyan tree in Uttar Pradesh’s Narora, which is older than Kolkata’s Great Banyan!

The age of the tree was determined through the radiocarbon dating results, which indicated that the tree is around 450 to 500 years of age.

As far as the size of the Narora tree is concerned, this one ranks 10th among the giant banyan trees in the world.

Prof Arti Garg, senior scientist of BSI, informed that the massive tree has only four roots supporting the main trunk which is quite surprising.

Do you know that India holds the record for being home to the world’s largest banyan tree?

Known as Thimmamma Marrimanu, this banyan tree in Andhra Pradesh has a coverage of 19,107 sq m. Next in line are Gujarat’s Kabir Vad tree (17,520 sq m) and the Giant Banyan tree at Majhi, UP (16,770 sq m).

Location of the tree This tree is situated some 8 km from the Narora Power Plant in Bulandshahr (UP).