Mount Everest, Nepal

Every year around 1200 explorers will set off from the foot of the mountain. Unfortunately, only around half make it to the top.

Devil's Pool, Zambia

The devil's pool is a natural pool located at the top of Victoria Falls in Zambia. It is only accessible during the dry season only accessible during the dry season when the water level is low enough for visitors to swim in the pool safely.

Mount huashan, china

One of the famous "Five Mountains" in china, mount huashan is regarded as the "No. 1 perilous mounain in china " for the heart-stopping plank paths on the cliffs.

Kjeragbolten, Norway

1000 meters above the sparkling, turuoise Lysefjord, a lone boulder lays wedged between two rockfaces just waiting to be confuered by adventure seekers.


The world's biggest desert stertches for 5.5 million sq miles with 50mph winds, an average temperature  of -33C and at its closst point, more than 600 miles to the nearest city.

Death Valley, California

Death Valley is the hottest place on the planet; temperatures at Furnace Creek have reached 56.7°C.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Florida is known asthe world’s shark a attack capital, and New Smyrna Beach is one of the most dangerous Florida locations of all.

Bikini Atoll, The Marshall Islands

Bikini Atoll has been the location of numerous explosive nuclear tests. 60 years later, the site still has dangerously high levels of radiation.

Ilha Da Queimada Grande, Brazil

"Snake Island' is home to thousands of golden lancehead vipers, one of the most venomous snake species on the planet. The island is so dangerous that the Brazilian have closed it to the public.

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