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Wait time for US tourist visa interviews reduced by 50%

US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti said that the wait time for first-time us tourist visa interviews has been reduced by more than 50% .She also added that the goal for 2023 is to process at least one million visas.

Garcetti spoke at IIT Delhi about the progress that has been made in the process of processing visas. He said that the US Mission in India is currently processing visas faster than it has ever been done before.

“We’re already doing this,” she added. We’re at present handling more visas, quicker, than the US Mission in India ever has previously. We have set ourselves the objective of processing at least one million visas by 2023, and we are already more than halfway there.”

“Our ventures have brought genuine outcomes, and we’ve seen sit tight times for first-time traveler visa interviews fall by more than 50%,” he added.

The US Ambassador said that they will keep on putting resources into extending the visa activities and expanding the group.

To eliminate boundaries that frustrate qualified voyagers from encountering the US, Garcetti underlined the need to grow activities.

“We’ll track down creative answers for smooth out the visa cycle, for example, diminishing the requirement for in-person meets, which permits consular groups all over the planet to help with handling visas for the developing number of Indian explorers,” the agent said.

Indians can now renew their H1-B visas in their home country, PM Modi announced recently

“The American consulates in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad will be opened. It has now been concluded that the H1B visa recharging should be possible in the actual US,” PM Modi said while tending to the Indian diaspora at the Ronald Reagan Working in Washington DC

PM Narendra Modi on his excursion to the US said that they will be opening new office in Seattle this year. India will likewise open their department in two other American urban communities.

PM Modi stated, “Together we are shaping lives, dreams, and destinies, not just policies and agreements.”

In the meantime, at the IIT Delhi, Garcetti praised India and stated that the country is using its transformative technology to improve lives and lift people out of poverty. us tourist visa

“The Indian dream and the American dream are two sides of the same coin—we share the same vision. This is why our nations, India and the United States, have so much in common.” Our people want to see our families and communities prosper. We welcome the chance to make a difference, new knowledge, and possibilities. The Ambassador declared, “We want to leave the world better off and safer than we found it – not just for ourselves and our own countries, but for everyone.”

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