Visa Free Countries For Indian Citizens

24 Countries that Indians can Travel to without a Visa - Visa free countries for Indians

The process of applying for a visit visa can take a long time because it requires trips to the Embassy or Consulate as well as the Visa Application Center (VAC). In addition, there is no assurance that the relevant government will issue a visit visa to you.

Countries that offer visa free entry or visa on arrival are a much better alternative. Indians can get a visa on arrival in many countries, but there are also many places in the world where they don’t need one.

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Which countries can Indians visit without a visa?

There are 24 countries/Nations that you can visit for tourism without a visa in 2023 on an Indian passport. There is no need for a visa beforehand or upon arrival. However, specific requirements to be allowed entry may vary from country to country.

List of Visa-Free Countries for Indian Citizens in 2023

Here is the list of countries where Indians can travel visa-free:
1. Albania14. Mauritius
2. Barbados15. Micronesia
3. Bhutan16. Montserrat
4. British Virgin Islands17. Nepal
5. Cook Islands18. Niue
6. Dominica19. Oman
7. El Salvador20. Qatar
8. Fiji21. Senegal
9. Grenada22. Saint Kitts and Nevis
10. Haiti23. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
11. Jamaica24. Trinidad and Tobago
12. Kazakhstan25. Tunisia
13. Macao (SAR China)26. Vanuatu


List of Visa-on-Arrival/e-Visa Countries for Indian Citizens in 2023

Typically, immigration officials examine the visitor’s passport and biometrics before issuing a visa-on-arrival permit and collecting the required fees. Remember where the on-arrival visa will be issued when you arrive at the country’s most important entry points.

In 2014, Indians were able to use the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) facility, and in 2015, the list of countries that were eligible for the service was updated. In the list below, we’ve mentioned the countries providing visa-on-arrival and e-Visa for Indian citizens in 2023:

27. Bolivia44. Mozambique
28. Botswana45. Myanmar
29. Burundi46. Palau Islands
30. Cambodia47. Rwanda
31. Cape Verde Islands48. Samoa
32. Comoro Islands49. Seychelles
33. Ethiopia50. Sierra Leone
34. Gabon51. Somalia
35. Guinea-Bissau52. Sri Lanka
36. Indonesia53. Saint Lucia
37. Iran54. Tanzania
38. Jordan55. Thailand
39. Laos56. Timor-Leste
40. Madagascar57. Togo
41. Maldives58. Tuvalu
42. Marshall Islands59. Uganda
43. Mauritania60. Zimbabwe

List of Countries offering e-Visa Facility to Indian Passport Holders

61. Angola74. Malaysia
62. Antigua and Barbuda75. Moldova
63. Australia76. Morocco
64. Azerbaijan77. Russia
65. Bahrain78. São Tomé and Príncipe
66. Benin79. Singapore
67. Colombia80. Suriname
68. Djibouti81. Taiwan
69. Georgia82. Tajikistan
70. Kenya83.¬†T√ľrkiye
71. Kuwait84. Uzbekistan
72. Kyrgyzstan85. Vietnam
73. Lesotho86. Zambia

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Visa Free Countries

FAQ About Visa-Free Countries for Indians

While voyaging visa free, you should in any case convey a legitimate identification - typically a half year after your takeoff date - and travel protection as commanded by the country you are visiting. You might also be asked to provide evidence of your subsequent travel (tickets, itinerary, etc.). certificates from vaccinations, etc. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements to enter the country.

Visa Free Countries For Indian Citizens

Even though Indian citizens do not need a visa to visit a foreign country, they are not guaranteed entry. Your entry into the country may be denied if you do not meet the minimum entry requirements or if the immigration officer suspects you for any reason.

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Yes, Indian citizens do need a visa to visit Dubai.
Qatar Visa Guide. Visa Requirements: Visa required. Visa Issuance: Nationals of India with a normal passport can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days.

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