Traveling to Paris for the 2024 Olympics? Here's what you need to know.

Traveling to Paris for the 2024 Olympics

33rd Summer Olympic Games

The 33rd Summer Olympic Games, which will take place in Paris from 26 July to 11 August, are expected to attract nearly 10,500 Olympic athletes and possibly millions of spectators.

Opening Ceremony

For the first time, the opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympics will be held outside of a stadium. The city is inviting the public to cheer on the delegates as they travel on a flotilla of boats down the River Seine for nearly four miles. Tickets will be sold for seating on the lower banks and different regions, yet the public will actually want to watch from the upper banks for nothing.

How to buy tickets?

Although ticket sales for the nearly 10 million seats available at the Paris Olympics have already begun, you still have time to purchase your own tickets. Tickets purchased from any other source may be canceled, and they will only be available on the official platform. March marked the end of the first round of sales, which saw the sale of approximately 3.25 million tickets. This fall, single tickets and day passes to the Paralympic Games will be available for purchase on the Paris 2024 website. On April 20, the ticket draw’s second phase came to an end.

Best time to book accommodations

While some Paris hotels are already taking reservations for the summer of 2024, many do not open their reservation calendars until approximately July 2023, 400 days before the intended stay. For the upcoming summer, short-term rental companies like Airbnb and VRBO are already accepting reservations. The Games’ official partnership with Airbnb has sparked outrage among hoteliers in France, who have called for more regulation of the rental giant.)

Flight schedules and booking flights

For the summer of 2024, no flight schedules have been released by airlines; Around 330 days before their departure, some will begin offering them. Travel specialists caution that the expense of trips to Paris for summer 2024 could flood past flight costs to the French capital for this late spring season, and to save at the earliest opportunity.

What's the best way to enjoy Paris?

Yes, there are packages that include tickets to Olympic events as well as lodging, transportation, tours, and dining experiences. On Location, the official hospitality partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, is where you can purchase these. Paul Caine, president of On Location, stated that the packages are intended to provide tourists with a “guaranteed consistent experience” developed by the host committee, the host city, and the Olympic Games.

General ticket prices

There are more than 750 events to choose from, so perusing the Paris 2024 calendar, seating plans and ticket prices ahead of booking is a good idea. Pricing will vary depending on the seating and event type (tickets for handball competitions, for example, range from 24 to 190 euros, or about $26 to $205; while tickets for track and field, which is listed as “athletics,” range from 24 euros to 980 euros). It’s possible that some of the most popular events will have sold out.

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