South Africa E-Visa For Indians: 2023 Application Guide

South Africa E-Visa For Indians: 2023 Application Guide

Do you need to apply for an e-visa from India in order to travel to South Africa? No worries! The focus of this article is on outlining the key features of the South Africa e-visa for Indian citizens as well as the application process.

Do Indians Require A Visa For South Africa?

Yes. South Africa requires a visa for bearers of Indian passports. Only those with diplomatic, official, or service passports from India, however, are permitted entry into South Africa without a visa.

Are Indian nationals eligible for an


Yes, Indian nationals are now able to apply for an e-Visa to South Africa. In February 2022, the electronic visa for South Africa was made available to visitors from 14 different nations.

Your passport and the e Visa are electronically connected. It is quite practical to finish your South Africa visa application online quickly.

Indian nationals can enter South Africa for brief visits to engage in tourism and other permitted activities. Indian nationals still require a visa from the South African embassy if they intend to stay there permanently, such as to work.

Can Indians Arrive With A South African Visa?

No, visitors from India cannot obtain a visa upon arrival. Before traveling to South Africa, you must apply for a visa.

Fortunately, Toursxpress offers you another practical option for obtaining a South African visa: applying for an e-visa.

Using Toursxpress to Request a Visa for South Africa

A South African visa application might occasionally be difficult. At Toursxpress, we’ve streamlined the application procedure so you may do it in just a few minutes. We’ll next go over what you’ll need, how to submit the application, and how to check the status of your visa.

Essential Documents

To further assist you, Toursxpress collaborates with government partners to enable Indians to submit the bare minimum of paperwork when applying for a visa.

You will need the following paperwork to apply for a South African e-visa:

Passport: A current passport must be uploaded.

Additionally, you must submit a compliant digital photograph.

Application Method

  1. Visit Toursxpress: Visit our online platform to start your application. After selecting the visa you wish to apply for, click Continue.
  2. Select the dates you will go to South Africa in step two.
  3. Put your files online: Upload your passport in good standing and digital picture.
  4. Review: Complete all the necessary information and check your application to verify accuracy.
  5. Look over: Following the submission of your application, you must pay the necessary South Africa visa costs.

The status of your visa

In just a few simple steps, you may find out the status of your South Africa visa. Let’s run them down:

Get the Toursxpress application.

Up until “My Documents” is reached by scrolling down.

Select your visa under “My Documents” in step three.

You may check the standing of your visa there.

Visa Requirements For South Africa E-Visa For Indians?

There are prerequisites that you must fulfill before you can begin the application process. The fundamental conditions for your South Africa E Visa for Indians are covered in this section.

Documents Needed For An Indian E-Visa To South Africa

You must fulfill the requirements for the e-visa before beginning the South African e-visa application procedure.

If you want to begin an Indian citizen South Africa e-Visa, you will require the following:

  1. You must fulfill the requirements for the e-visa before beginning the South African e-visa application procedure.
  2. If you want to begin an Indian citizen South Africa e-Visa, you will require the following:
  3. A passport that is valid must include at least one blank page. You should also send an older passport if you have one. The birthdate must be shown on the passport.
  4. A sufficient amount of money, as demonstrated by bank statements, to cover your living needs while traveling in South Africa.
  5. Booking confirmations from hotels or Airbnb are examples of proof of lodging.
  6. Flight ticket: If you’re flying, a return or subsequent ticket.
  7. Photographs for a passport: two current, colored photos.
  8. A proof of yellow fever immunization: If you’ll be traveling through the yellow fever belt of Africa or South America.

Requirements for South Africa E-Visa For Indians

There are a number of standards that your papers must adhere to before being uploaded. Your application could be turned down if you don’t.

Each document cannot be more than 5 MB in size.

You can submit files in the following formats: bmp,.doc,.docx,.emf,.gif,.icon,.jpeg,.jpg,.pdf,.png,.ppt,.pptx,.rtf,.tiff,.txt,.wmf,.xls, xlsx.

Special characters like @$%& and the like should not be used in the names of the supporting documents.

The South African Department of Home Affairs will refuse password-protected or compressed materials.

You may only upload one file per document. Your bank statement, for instance, must be uploaded as a single file, not four distinct files if it is four pages long.

Official or approved English translations are required.

Children's e-Visa Requirements For South Africa

Let’s say you are going or joining in South Africa with little children. In that situation, you will also need to submit the following records.

  1. In the event of an unaccompanied youngster, parental permission.
  2. Cover letter describing your trip schedule.
  3. Letter of invitation, if appropriate.

How Do I Apply For An E-Visa For South Africa?

The e-visa application process for South Africa from India is simple to do online. Applying for your visa will be simple if you follow our step-by-step advice!

Step 1

The first step is to create your profile. To establish a profile at this phase, you need to provide certain information. The data must be typed exactly as it appears on the passport:

  1. Name in full.
  2. Number on a passport.
  3. Nation at Issue.
  4. Residence nation.
  5. Date of passport issuance.
  6. Expiration Date on Passport.
  7. A statement that the passport contains at least TWO (2) blank pages.
  8. Address for email.
  9. Password

Select the “Create Profile” button when you’re done. An email will then be sent to you to confirm your account. Please be aware that the verification email did not function when I attempted to complete the application procedure. After hours of loading, I was ultimately unable to finish the application.

After submission, the passport number and email address cannot be changed. So before submitting your visa application, please double-check that it is accurate.

When you attempt to apply for your South Africa e-visa from India, minor information like these might result in several issues.


Fill out the application for a visa.

To finish the visa application form, you must then provide personal and travel data. Your name, surname, nationality, gender, physical address, mailing address in the nation, travel dates, and other information may be included in this information.

Keep in mind that a little error on your visa application might result in a longer processing time or a visa denial. Therefore, make sure your information matches what is on your passport by checking it twice.

Step 3

Upload the required documentation.

For your application to be submitted, all required supporting papers for your South Africa e-Visa submission must be uploaded.

Advice For Indians Applying For A South Africa e-Visa?

The following advice should be kept in mind when requesting an Indian e-visa for South Africa:

Make sure to apply for your visa at least 4 weeks before your trip because South Africa has a sizable backlog of visa requests.

Make sure your document uploads don’t go beyond 5MB.

Try using a different card if you have trouble making payments.

Make sure any documents you have translated into English are official.

Try logging in to the South Africa e-visa portal using a different device if you’re having trouble.

Check out our blog on South Africa e-visa concerns and solutions if you encounter any further difficulties when applying for your South African e-visa.

You are then prepared to depart for South Africa!


What Sorts Of South African Visas Are Available To Indians?

Indian citizens may apply for a variety of South African visas, including the following: 1. Tourist visa for South Africa 2. Visit Visa for South Africa 3. Business visa for South Africa 4. Work Visa for South Africa 5. Medical Visa for South Africa 6. Study Visa for South Africa 7. Visa for South African relatives 8. South African Visa Exchange 9. Visa for Retired Persons in South Africa For more information on the various visa kinds, see our website.

Can I Use My E-Visa To Travel Outside Of South Africa?

No, you can only enter South Africa with the South Africa e-visa. If you want to travel to foreign nations, you must submit an application for the necessary visas or permissions.

Do Indians Need a Visa to Enter South Africa?

No. South Africa does not issue visas to visitors from India. This is due to the fact that South African ports of entry do not issue visas. However, as long as they have a valid visa, airlines let Indian travellers board an aircraft.

Where Is The Embassy Of South Africa In India?

Here is the South African embassy's complete address in India. High Commission of South Africa in Delhi is located at B18 Vasant Marg in Vasant Vihar.

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