World’s second deepest blue hole of 900 ft discovered in Mexico!

Mexico : World’s second deepest blue hole

The most recent development is that scientists have discovered a huge sinkhole off the coast of Mexico‘s Yucatan Peninsula. The giant blue hole, which is approximately 900 feet deep, has been dubbed the planet’s second-deepest blue hole, according to reports.

A blue hole is actually a huge underwater sinkhole that is hundreds of meters long, covers areas larger than cities, and rises to the height of several skyscrapers.

Reports have it that they are accepted to have been shaped in the Ice Age, when the ocean level was all around as low as 100-120 m lower than flow levels. Livescience claims that the newly discovered blue hole in Chetumal Bay, Mexico, is approximately 900 feet deep. This hole covers an area of 147,000 square feet at this depth.

The Dragon Hole, which is located in the South China Sea and is the world’s deepest known hole, was discovered in 2016. It is over 980 feet deep, according to the records.

Taam Ja’, which means “deep water” in Mayan, has been given the name of the Mexico blue hole. Reports add that it has steep sides alongside inclines of very nearly 80 degrees, though the mouth of the sinkhole is around 15 ft beneath ocean level.

According to reports, the indigo centers and light blue perimeters of these blue holes give them their names. They operate in accordance with the rules of the ocean and are subject to tide.


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