Planning a European holiday

Planning a European holiday? Be prepared for airport delays in these countries

As global passenger numbers return to pre-pandemic levels, European airports are in for another busy summer. European holiday

After strikes and staff shortages forced them to cancel thousands of flights to avoid long lines at major airports, airlines have indicated that they are prepared to prevent another year of travel chaos.  European holiday

In the first quarter of 2023, international arrivals have reached 80% of pre-pandemic levels, according to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer. In the first three months, an estimated 235 million tourists traveled internationally, which is more than double the number from 2022. Due to strong demand within the region, Europe returned to levels prior to the pandemic at 90%.

However, during the peak tourist season, air traffic control strikes and employee walkouts have continued to disrupt flights, prompting airlines to demand overflight protections. European holiday A summary of recent developments can be found here.

After receiving a better pay offer, the Unite union postponed the first summer strike at London’s Heathrow airport, which included over 2,000 security workers, on June 12.

Around 100 Birmingham Airport security officers, terminal technicians, and Menzies-employed aircraft refuellers are voting for strike action, according to Unite. The airport’s operations would be severely impacted by strikes, European holiday which could begin in July.

At London Heathrow Airport, more than 2,000 security personnel have announced a new round of pay-related strikes.

In order to give members time to vote on a new pay offer, the Unite union had originally planned 31 days of strikes this summer. European holiday However, this has now been reduced to 29 days.

The walkouts will now begin on June 28 rather than on June 24. Through the end of August, they are anticipated almost every weekend. The exact dates of the strikes will be as follows if the pay deal is rejected: European holiday

• June 28, 29 and 30
• July 14 to 16, 21 to 24, and 28 to 31
• August 4 to 7, 11 to 14, 18 to 20 and 24 to 27

In the UK, these dates coincide with the August bank holiday and the beginning of the school holidays.

Planning a European holiday


As a result of strikes by air traffic controllers (ATCs), flights across France have been hampered and delayed, adding to the congestion in Europe’s airspace.

Due to a planned ATC strike, the French aviation regulator has also asked airlines to cancel a third of their flights from Paris-Orly airport on June 6. Additionally, it requested a 20 percent reduction in flights to Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Nantes, and it advised passengers to postpone journeys whenever possible. European holiday

On June 6, Ryanair stated that the 36-hour strike necessitated the cancellation of 400 flights, the majority of which were non-French overflights.

Planning a European holiday

Over pay and working conditions, a number of aviation workers’ unions called for a nationwide 24-hour strike on June 20.

According to the ENAC Aviation Authority, the strike will have an impact on airport handling services, airline and airport staff, as well as air transportation and related businesses. Also anticipated were flight cancellations and delays. Additionally, the employees of Vueling went on strike, affecting the low-cost airline’s flights.

On Tuesday, June 20, staff members working in baggage handling and air traffic control at airports across Italy will walk out for 24 hours.

Since three of the largest unions representing transportation workers in the country will be joining the strike, most major airports are likely to experience some disruption. The most affected areas are the check-in counters and baggage claim, but flight delays and cancellations are possible.

The airports of Genoa, Milan, Florence, Naples, Pisa, and Rome, among others, will all be affected.

In July, public transportation workers in Italy will also go on strike for 24 hours. The walkouts will have an impact on metro, ferry, and train services. In July, public transportation workers in Italy will go on strike for 24 hours. The walkouts will have an impact on metro, ferry, and train services.

Planning a European holiday

Iberia Regional Air Nostrum pilots, who had been on strike every Monday and Friday since February 27, began a daily, indefinite strike on June 6 over pay. As of June 20, the nationwide protest was still going on, and the airline says on its website that there might be changes to the flight schedule.

Additionally, Spanish Air Europa pilots began a two-week strike on June 19 due to a wage dispute.

Additionally, Spanish Air Europa pilots began a two-week strike on June 19 due to a wage dispute.

Spain has stated that it anticipates receiving more tourists than before the COVID-19 pandemic in the summer of 2023.

Planning a European holiday

The Swedish Transport Workers’ Union, airport controllers at Bromma Stockholm Airport and Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg will strike on July 3 if no new labor agreement is reached.

On July 5, workers at Sweden’s largest airport, Arlanda, will follow, performing tasks such as X-rays, goods checks, and gate reception.

Planning a European holiday

Unhappy workers will flood Belgium’s streets to protest against social dumping and violations of workers’ rights to strike. Employers who use cheaper workers than they have available to cut costs fall under this category.

STIB-MIVB, Brussels’ primary transport provider, this is anticipated to disrupt the metro, buses, and trams.

Planning a European holiday

Timeout reported that German airline Lufthansa planned to cancel 34,000 flights this summer. There will be thousands of cancellations that will affect routes from Frankfurt and Munich.

Despite the fact that the airline has also been impacted by recent strikes, Lufthansa claims that staff shortages are to blame for the schedule cuts for the summer.

In March, two of the largest unions in the country went on strike to demand higher pay at airports, ports, railways, underground services, and buses. This forced Lufthansa Airlines to cancel all of its flights until March 28. Expect more unplanned flight cancellations.

Planning a European holiday

Due to the absence of air traffic controllers, passengers flying from Denmark’s Copenhagen airport should be prepared for possible flight delays and cancellations. European holiday

Planning a European holiday

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