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Indian tourists can now visit siachen glacier base camp without any special permits 

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Indian tourists can now visit Siachen Glacier Base Camp without any special permits

Siachen Glacial mass, one of the world’s longest glacial masses and the world’s most elevated war zone because of the tactical clash among India and Pakistan, will currently be available to sightseers. The district was shut for any travel industry related exercises in the past because of military strains.

Assuming reports are to go by, Ladakh’s Travel industry Office has declared that Indian vacationers can now go to the common vacationer office close to Siachen Headquarters with next to no unique license. It is vital to take note of that the Siachen Icy mass district is heavily influenced by the Indian military.

In the eastern Karakoram Range of the Himalayas, the Siachen Base Camp can be found at the Siachen Glacier base. The region beginning from Siachen Headquarters at 12,000 ft to 15,000 ft is open for the travel industry. However, there are still restricted areas beyond that.

Siachen Glacier

Additionally, the base camp serves as a memorial to the soldiers who perished in military operations in the Siachen Glacier area. It has a war memorial to honor the Indian Army personnel who gave their lives to protect the nation’s interests in this difficult, high-altitude terrain.

Domestic tourists, according to reports, can now visit the area without a permit or NOC from the authorities. Nonetheless, the Locale Organization will keep on gathering the ecological expense.

Siachen Base Camp, which is in Nubra Valley, is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations that you should put on your bucket list. Winter is known to have temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius, so you might want to avoid it.

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