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China issued over 60,000 visas to Indians since January 2023

Over 60,000 Indian visas have been granted by China in the first five months of 2023.

“In the initial 5 months of this current year, the Chinese Consulates and Embassy General have issued over 60000 visas to Indian people traveling to China for purposes of business, study, work Visa, tourist Visa, family Visa reunion etc. Welcome to China,” Chinese Embassy in India spokesperson Wang Xiaojian, tweeted.

China Tourist Visa

China announced in March that for the first time in three years, it will allow tourists from India into the country. The Chinese Embassy and Consulates General in India announced on March 14 that they will resume issuing a variety of Chinese visas.

The Chinese Embassy in India announced in a notification that Chinese visas that were issued prior to March 28, 2020 and are still valid will be reactivated.

It further said, “The Chinese International safe haven and Departments General in India will continue giving different sorts of Chinese visas. Please review the most recent Notice on the Requirements for Chinese Visa Application for additional information.”

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