10 Places to Visit Near Bangalore

There are Many Best places to visit in bangalore. like:- Nandi Hills, Mysore, Chikmagalur, Ooty, Coorg, Dandeli, Skandgiri, Shivanasamudra, Makalidurga, Sakleshpur, Wonderla, Mysore, Lepakshi, Wayanad, Kunti Betta, Srirangapatna, Savandurga Hills and many more.

With the Western Ghats and wonderful weather, there are several places to visit near Bangalore. The mere experience of visiting these places would surely rejuvenate your drained-out souls from all the frenzy work in the bustling city. There are many natural wonders to be explored in this area, such as beautiful hill stations, gushing waterfalls, natural rock formations, vast lakes, and steep mountain ranges.

To satisfy your craving for adventure, visit Nandi Hills for a beautiful sunset, Mysore for its fantastic history and architecture, Coffee Plantation in Coorg, Gokarna for its chilled hippy vibe, Ramanagara for its adventure trekking, and more. Additionally, you can find resorts in near Bangalore, places like Munnar, Kodaikanal, Chikmagalur, and others offering adrenaline-pumping activities like Kunti Betta trekking, jungle trekking, biking at the Big Banyan Tree, and much more. Best places to visit in bangalore



(62 Km from Bangalore)

If you have any desire to attempt a late evening journeying trail, plan a trip to Skandagiri that offers a remarkable journeying experience at night. When you arrive at the hilltop, you're compensated with the most picturesque view that stuns you for a moment. For the most part, tourists who are planning for an end of the week travel with their friends will focus on Skandagiri among other appealing tourist places near to Bangalore.

On the off chance that you truly want to endeavor a late night traveling trail, plan a trip to Skandagiri that offers a noteworthy traveling experience around evening time. At the point when you show up at the peak, you're remunerated with the most pleasant view that dazes you briefly Generally, tourists who are making arrangements for a week's end travel with their friends will zero in on Skandagiri among other engaging tourist places close to Bangalore.

Type of destination: Hilly
 62 km from Bangalore
Places to Visit in Skandagiri:  Nehru Nilaya, Bhimeshwara Temple, Papagni Matt, etc.
Best Time: 
Between the months of November to March
Ideal Weekend Duration: 1 to 2 days
How to reach:
By Air:
 The nearest airport to Skandagiri is Bangalore Airport.
By Road: There are KSRTC Deluxe buses daily running from Bangalore to Skandagiri. Also, one can have a short road trip from Bangalore to Skandagiri on there own.
By Train: The nearest railway station to Skandagiri is Bangalore Railway Station.

Nandi Hills

(61 Km from Bangalore)

Offering an ideal climate for city tenants to chill, Nandi Hills is a slope station in Karnataka that is included in the rundown of most ideal getaway destinations around Bangalore, It's roosted at an incredible rise of 1,478 meters. This slope stronghold has a fascinating history to flaunt which it passes on through, Tipu King Post and various Hindu temples it envelops.

So in the event that you are searching for a casual vacation with a chance to find out about the historical backdrop of Mysore, Nandi Hills possesses all the necessary qualities Plus, inferable from its high area, you can prepare yourself to observe a few strange sights, where you will be disregarding a general cover of mists, concealing the hills and valleys underneath it. Best places to visit in bangalore

Type of destination: Hilly
Distance: 61 km from Bangalore
Places to Visit in Nandi Hills: Tipu’s Drop, Tipu Sultan’s Fort, Brahmashram, Muddenahalli, etc.
Best Time: Between September to February
Ideal Weekend Duration:¬†1 day since it’s open for 12 hours every day
How to reach:
By Air: The nearest airport to Nandi Hills is Kempegowda International Airport.
By Road: There are buses connecting Nandi Hills to various cities. And, one can travel from Banglore to Nandi Hills.
By Train: Chikkaballapur and Bangalore from where one can board a taxi or bus easily.


(49 Km from Bangalore)

On the off chance that you are planning a little excursion from Bangalore with loved ones, Ramanagara is only a lengthy drive away. It is a humble community in Karnataka with a heap of brilliant open doors for vacationers to loosen up their bodies and brains. All the more significantly, here the Bollywood exemplary, Sholay was shot.

Ramanagara is suggested as perhaps of the most remunerating place close to Bangalore for adventure as you can fill your vacation with the excitement of traveling and rock moving here. Plus, the town incorporates a sum of seven wonderful hills overflowing with untainted nature, making it a visual joy. Best places to visit in bangalore

Type of destination: Family getaway
Distance: 49 km from Bangalore
Places to Visit: Mekedatu, Chunchi Falls, Savandurga, Ramadevara Betta Hills
Best time: March to May
Ideal weekend duration: 1 to 2 days
How to reach:
By Air: Bangalore Airport (50 km away).
By road: Ramanagara is connected with various cities by buses. And it is possible to travel to Ramanagara from Bangalore.
By Train: The Ramanagara Railway Station is well connected by trains to all the major cities in the country.


(276 Km from Bangalore)

Awaken to the smell of sedating espresso, also, partake in the picturesque magnificence of this hazy place that is known for hills and streams. Famously known as the Scotland of India, Coorg satisfies its name with baiting mixture of history, extravagance, adventure, mouth-watering cooking. Situated along the western ghats, this renowned espresso creating slope station is notable for its stunning bewitching landscape and extravagance.

In addition to the sparkling excellence, this foggy scene has a rich culture and a remarkable neighborhood faction, - Kodavas had practical experience in combative techniques, well known for their accommodation. Going from respecting the magnificence of this sublime objective to a difficult journey or on the other hand profound knowledge into the way of life at the Madikeri Post to the enchanting adventure at Nunnery Falls or the fiery curries to the darling liquefying hand tailored truffles, Coorg will cause you to waver to the limits in all things. Best places to visit in bangalore

Type of destination: a holiday destination
Distance: 243.5 km from Bangalore
Places to Visit: Madikeri Fort to the enthralling adventure at Abbey Falls
Best time: October to March
Ideal weekend duration: 1 to 2 days
How to reach:
By Air: Mangalore Airport (160 km away).
By road: Coorg is connected to various cities by buses. And it is possible to travel to Coorg from Bangalore.
By Train: Mysore Hassan and Mangalore of Karnataka State and Thalassery and Kannur of Kerala State.

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(69 Km from Bangalore)

One of the lesser investigated places close to Bangalore, Kanakpura is a city in Karnataka, liked for a memorable holiday. Challenge yourself to attempt different exceptional exercises at an adventure camp, enjoy a late evening journeying endeavor, or rush your faculties by taking part in some thrilling water sports - there is no lack of fun choices in Kanakapura.

In the event that you are going with family, Chunchi Falls and Mekedatu are quiet excursion spots with amazing normal landscape. Moreover, you can likewise track down various open doors here to catch a few shocking shots of the encompassing hills and valleys.

Type of destination: Family getaway
Distance: 69 km from Bangalore
Places to Visit: Shivagiri Kshetra Shivaldappana Betta, Kabbaladurga, Bananthimari Betta, etc.
Best time: October to april
Ideal weekend duration: 1 to 2 days
How to reach:
By Air: Bangalore Airport (50 km away).
By Train: Ramanagara Railway Station.

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Savandurga Hills

(48.5 Km from Bangalore)

Savandurga Hills isn't only one of the ideal end of the week escape places close to Bangalore, however it is likewise one of significant vacation spot of Karnataka. The Savandurga Hills are viewed as among the biggest single rock development in Asia. Situated close to the Amaravati River, the Savandurga Hills brings a ton to the table to the explorers. There are a few exercises which one can do here, the most popular being rock climbing and traveling.

Since the Savandurga Hills has the biggest rock in the country, the rock climbing experience which one arrives is unmatched. No place in India could one at any point partake in the excitement of rock climbing better compared to that of Savandurga Hills. One gets an all encompassing perspective on the beautiful excellence encompassing the Savandurga Hills from the highest point of the slope. One will most likely be revived after a trip to the Savandurga Hills.

Type of destination: Hilly
Distance: 48.5 km from Bangalore
Places to Visit: Thippagondanahalli Reservoir, Manchinbele Dam, Narsimha Temple, etc.
Best time: November to May
Ideal weekend duration: 1 day
How to reach:
By Air: Bangalore International Airport (55 km away).
By Train: Magadi Railway Station

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(274 Km from Bangalore)

From nature strolls in gardens that makes one keep thinking about whether Heaven, as portrayed in sacred texts of different cultures, have really been gotten from such tangible encounters to loosening up over some tea from the tea estates dabbing the hillside, just to acknowledge most submissively of nature's gifts as a plentiful supplier, the tourist places in Ooty can be anticipated to revive the spirit, exhausted of its profound stores through the preliminaries of regular presence.

Ooty, when the mid year capital of Madras Administration under the English, can be securely viewed as "India's Switzerland". John Sullivan, the then gatherer of Coimbatore had noticed similar in his intricate report on the locale, way, thinking back to the nineteenth 100 years. After freedom, Ooty was formed into a significant tourist objective and justifiably thus, given its capability for the equivalent, attributable to nature's plentiful endowments with regards to environment, grand wonder, neighborhood sights and sounds, its abundance of birds and monsters and obviously its local drinks of tea and coffee. Best place to visit in bangalore

Type of destination: Garden
Distance: 274 km from Bangalore
Places to Visit: Ooty Botanical Gardens, Dolphin’s Nose, Rose Garden, Avalanche Lake, Doddabetta Peak, St Stephan’s Church, Thread Garden, Kalhatti Falls, Annamalai Temple, Kamraj Sagar Lake, Catherine Falls
Best time: October to June
Ideal weekend duration: 2-4 days
How to reach:
By Air: Coimbatore International Airport
By Train: Udagamandalam Railway Station

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Wine Tour in Ramanagara

(55 Km from Bangalore)

While you are in Bangalore, this is one of the most amazing places to visit close to Bangalore. Wine devotees can indulge themselves with a tomfoolery and instructive wine visit. The salubrious climate and rich soil of Bangalore help the development of grapes. This, thus, has prompted the expanding of wineries around the city.

On their visit, you can unwind what goes behind the makings of fine wine. Wander through the reviving grape plantations; figure out how to see, twirl, sniff, and taste the beverage from the specialists. Furthermore, to top it, get to enjoy a wine sampling meeting as well!

Type of destination: Wine tour
Distance: 55 km from Bangalore
Places to Visit: 
Best time: October to February
Ideal weekend duration: 1 day
How to reach:
By Air: 
By Train:

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(67 Km from Bangalore)

Antaragange is arranged a ways off of 70 km from Bangalore. Antaragange is a phenomenal illustration of nature's innovativeness. Tossed with rocks and stones, Antaragange has a few great caverns that have framed from volcanic rocks.

So in the event that you are enamored with cave investigation and traveling, Antaragange is the ideal spot for an end of the week getaway. With a genuinely simple territory for journeying and cavern investigation, Antaragange offers a charming end of the week in the lap of nature.

Type of destination: Hilly
Distance: 67 km from Bangalore
Places to Visit: Anthargange Caves, Lord Someshwara Temple, etc.
Best time: October to March
Ideal weekend duration: 1 to 2 days
How to reach:
By Air: Bangalore International Airport.
By Train: Kolar Railway Station

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