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Are you looking for a multiple-entry visa to Europe? This Schengen country is your best option.

The highest number of multiple-entry Schengen visas were issued by Germany, according to Schengen Visa Statistics.

According to the 2022 Schengen Visa India Statistics for Schengen Countries report, over 90% of the visas issued by the German consulates and foreign consulates worldwide were multiple-entry, allowing their holders to enter the country multiple times.

1,043,297 visas were issued, including 817,307 visas issued by Germany, 740,356 multiple-entry visas. Germany does not only have the highest rate of visa issuance, but it is also one of the countries with the lowest rejection rate.

A close competitor of Germany, Slovenia issued 81.6% of multiple-entry visas, while Estonia issued 81.3%.

As for the countries that had more applications than Germany in 2022, they included France and Spain, who had a much smaller share of MEVs in terms of issuance. Only 39.3% of multiple-entry visas were issued by Spain, while 40% were issued by France.

The country with the most Schengen visa india applications was France, receiving almost two million applications in 2022. Similarly, Spain had the second highest number of short-term visa applications in the Schengen area.

Germany, Slovakia, and Estonia were not the only countries with a high share of MEVs:

Austria – 74.9% of 125,275
Italy – 73.8% of 629,223
Finland – 72.3% of 142,302

The countries that issued the fewest MEVs in 2022 were:

Iceland – 5.8%
Norway – 33.6%
Sweden – 33.6%

According to data from 2022, Germany rejected 16.2 percent of the applications it received. In contrast, rejection rates for all other European countries averaged 17.9%.

There was a high rejection rate in Malta, Sweden, Belgium, and France.

Iceland, Lithuania, Finland, and Latvia had the lowest rejection rates among Schengen countries.

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